Potted Herb Plant Set 


Artifical potted herb set with faux moss in a rustic terracotta effect pot.  Set includes three options: Basil, Mint and Rosemary.


Approx pot size: H 8 x Dia 9cm 

Approx plant size: 

Basil: H 24cm

Mint: H 23cm

Rosemary: H 20cm 


This artificial Mint, Basil and Rosmary herb plants are so life like, set in a lovely rustic terracotta effect pot. Each herb will look lovely styled in any home, ideal for a kitchen window!  What’s best is you will not need to worry about watering your plants either, just make sure you tell people not to add them to cooking or drinks! 


Tray not included - Heart Tray Set 

Potted Herb Plant Set